duct cleaning scam. duct cleaning near me

Bait and switch

How Does It Work?
Scammers will conduct cold calls to consumers using the bait and switch technique, faking numbers from a range of numbers that look to be local. They promise screaming bargains on a service that may cost up to $400-600 for two hours after they get the consumer to pick up the phone. The consumer is persuaded to schedule an appointment. Once the scammer arrives at the victim’s house for the service, the scammer continues to up-sell the victim with additional fees. The customer may wind up spending at least twice as much as they were charged. Duct Cleaning Scams are on the rise even in our neighboring country, Canada. This is where it is crucial to research the company. Always check reviews, ask for a written estimate, any hidden fees, and if a license is required in your area.

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