It’s already getting hotter. Summer is finally here. Allergies have already affected and will continue to adversely affect the majority of us. How can we increase our indoor air quality so that we can have some relief? The solutions can be straightforward (mostly).
Of course, the first step is to review and replace your air filters on a monthly basis. You can use the newer high-quality HEPA filters if your HVAC system isn’t too old. And if they are older, they should be checked and changed on a regular basis. However, you may want to think about installing a purification device in your house, or at least in the rooms where you sleep and spend the most time. There are numerous purifiers available. Just make sure the one you select has a HEPA filter and the most and best feedback. But don’t forget to do your research.
Following that, you must vacuum. This is especially important if your home has a lot of carpeting and rugs. The amount of dander, pollen, dust and other particles that settle onto carpeting is incredible. The coming in and out of the house that occurs when it is warm and spends more time in and around the house makes it a little worse in the summer.
The logical step is to dust your home on a regular basis. Dusting should always come before vacuuming, in my opinion, so that whatever gets swept into the air or onto the floor can be cleaned easily and efficiently. Again, it isn’t usually what you want to hear, but it is extremely beneficial.
Each of these tips is extremely beneficial. The last point I’ll make is about air duct cleaning. You are essentially wasting your time if you do any of the above but have extremely polluted air ducts. It is practically a must if you have never had them done or if you realize they have not been cleaned in the last seven years. If you have allergy sufferers in your household, this is a must. Still, don’t forget to research.

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