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There’s No Mess Left Behind

Does the cleaning of the air duct leave behind a mess?

Cleaning air ducts will disperse dust and waste throughout your home during the cleaning procedure is a frequent myth. Consumers worry that their homes, furnishings and possessions are left coated in dust. This is only the case if the correct equipment is not employed to carry out the task.

Clean Ducts Orlando uses a push and pull approach using power vacuum trucks and pressurized air to ensure that no dust enters your home. Instead, 190 pounds of compressed air is used to drive the dust and debris down the subduct lines, back to the vacuum linked to your main trunk line, and ultimately out of our home.

Other air duct cleaning businesses, on the other hand, utilize a vacuum with a brush attached to the end. This approach draws contaminants into the area of your home where the vacuum is placed. The reason for this consequence is that the vacuum with a brush has little suction; so, when the brush is withdrawn from your trunk line, the dirt and particles become airborne throughout your home. It is critical to use the correct amount of suction force and equipment to ensure a clean home after an air duct cleaning.

Clean Ducts Orlando utilizes vacuum trucks with a capacity of 16,000 CFM. The suction power is sufficient to ensure that no dust or debris enters your house. The containments are retracted into the vehicle, leaving no additional mess.

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