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when is air duct cleaning necessary

To be quite honest, there isn’t an optimal time for duct cleaning, regardless of what you read on the internet. Some individuals employ a professional for the work on an annual basis, while others use it every couple of years. One thing is certain: if you haven’t cleaned your HVAC system and air ducts in a while, it is most likely not performing to its full capacity and is substantially less efficient. Our air duct cleaning service is most popular in the spring and autumn, as well as the winter and summer. But first, let’s look at the advantages of each season for air duct cleaning.

Even with the greatest filters, your ducts will accumulate junk. Particles will pass past the filter or enter the system via other routes. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because your system has a filter, your ducts don’t need to be cleaned.

Air duct cleaning is critical for improving indoor air quality and ensuring optimum circulation. When ducts are not cleaned correctly, build-up may occur, affecting the HVAC system and causing it to break down, resulting in premature replacements.

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