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Our Air Duct Cleaning Method

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Alex Del Rivero. I am a licensed AC Contractor for the state of Florida. By State law, duct cleaning can only be done by licensed and insured contractors.

We start the duct cleaning process by removing the front panels from the air handler. The blower motor is then removed to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated to extend the life of the motor. We then completely wash down the interior of the cabinet removing all dirt and mold. We soak the coils by hand with non-corrosive metal cleaner. In the final step, we disinfect the whole cabinet and coils and dry it off with compressed air tools. The blower motor gets reinstalled and we check for correct temperature and speed. 
In the second step, we connect a 5000 CFM Negative air machine (Vacuum) to the furthest air supply . This creates great negative pressure and helps all the dirt and mold to get sucked back through the ducts to the Vacuum. 
Starting at the furthest part of the house we start to remove the vents and clean off all dirt and mold by hand. We push compressed air-lines through all the ductwork pushing the debris back to the machine. The vents and opening get disinfected put back together and the process moves on to the next vent until all the vents are finished.
In the final step, the unit is fogged with a long-term EPA registered virucide. The system is checked thoroughly. This whole process usually takes 2-3 hours. It seems tedious but, in my experience, it’s as close as you can get to a completely new system.

Why us

Do you need to have a license to do air duct cleaning in the state of Florida?

The answer is, yes. If you are requesting a cleaning for your central heating & air ducts , the business does need a license.

The DBPR Online Services website provides information about applicants and licensed individuals  for those professions and businesses that are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

  • Unlicensed Contractors Likely Perform Subpar Work
  • You are Responsible for Injuries Suffered by an Unlicensed Contractor

Always keep in mind that fraud is very much on the rise, and it is best to protect yourself and your home.

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