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Get Ahead of Holiday Cooking Odors with an Air Duct Cleaning

Turkey roasting. Pies baking. Aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppermint wafting through your home. The delicious smells are the hallmarks of the season. But when rich holiday smells linger long after the oven is off and guests have gone home, the cheer fades.

In a matter of weeks, your home transforms into a bustling kitchen as you prepare culinary delights for friends, family, visiting relatives, or holiday office parties. More people, more food, more cooking equals more odor buildup in your air ducts.

Vented range hoods simply aren’t equipped to manage the sheer volume of smells released during hours of baking, sautéing, broiling, and roasting several specialty dishes. Instead, smoke, grease, oil particles, and vaporized aromas get trapped throughout HVAC systems and dispersed from room to room for weeks.

While it’s tempting to mask stubborn odors with seasonal candles or scented sprays, these temporary fixes push residue deeper into ductwork to emit stale smells later. Don’t let fried turkey or Grandma’s three-cheese mac n’ cheese ruin your indoor air quality long after your guests have departed.

Beat the holiday cooking odor onslaught before it starts! Call your local duct cleaning professionals to schedule an appointment in the first two weeks of December, before all the recipe prep begins. Their commercial sanitizing solutions, high-powered vacuums, and advanced tools scour accumulated grease and eliminate musty odors caused by increased holiday cooking demands.

Give yourself the gift of neutral air quality this season. With freshly cleaned ducts, say goodbye to kitchen fumes and enjoy the pure aromas of balsam, pine cones, hot apple cider, and cranberries instead. Your HVAC system—and house guests—will thank you!

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