Air filters that haven’t been changed regularly, they get clogged. This leads to a build-up of contaminants and particles that will stick to your filter. The filter acts as a barrier to letting debris pass through the air. When it is backed up or clogged, it creates problems for the entire HVAC system.

Higher Energy Bills

A clogged filter has a harder time to let air flow easily through the system. This makes the system work harder, which causes an unequal distribution of the air to the areas needed. As a result, your utility bill increases due to the fact that the AC system has to run longer.

Weak Temperature Regulation

The AC system is designed to create airflow throughout your home. Since the air filter is clogged, it makes it harder to regulate the temperature in each room. You will find that the rooms are either warm or even too hot.

Health Concerns

Breathing in contaminants can cause many issues with your health. You may suffer from itchy eyes, throat soreness, respiratory distress, and even dizziness. These issues can worsen over time and cause long term effects. A clogged filter will wound up backing up contaminants into the air.


To put it in simple terms, the AC system is working harder to get around the clogged filters. It can eventually cause the system to break down. If this happens you will end up having to replace your existing Ac system. You can easily spend upwards to $4,000 to $15,0000 instead of just replacing a $20 filter.

So, if you haven’t changed the air filters in your home lately. Go ahead and figure out which filters you need and replace them as soon as possible. If it seems that your AC system is still not cooling enough, contact Clean Ducts Orlando to inspect the system.

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