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Air Duct Cleaning: What To Do If You Have Mold

Uh oh. You just discovered mold growing in your home’s air duct system. Don’t panic – this unpleasant surprise can be remedied with professional air duct cleaning. Here’s what to do next:

First, stop running your HVAC system immediately to avoid circulating mold spores throughout your indoor air. You don’t want mold spreading while you address the issue. Turn off your heating/cooling system and any fans that cycle air through the contaminated ducts.

Inspect the extent of the mold growth. Look inside ducts, air vents, humidifiers, and other components for any visible mold. Check areas prone to moisture buildup like the drain pan, coils, blower motor, and insulation lining. Document what you see.

Contact a mold remediation company to schedule an inspection and cleaning. A professional duct cleaning service with experience removing mold is best equipped for this job. They have high-powered vacuums, anti-microbial treatments, and containment practices to eliminate mold and prevent further growth.

Replace molded ductwork if necessary. If the mold damage is extensive, duct sections may need replacing. Qualified technicians can determine if this step is needed or if cleaning is sufficient. Properly removing affected duct materials prevents mold from recurring.

Improve home ventilation. Increase airflow and reduce moisture to deter mold growth. Repair leaks, install dehumidifiers, upgrade HVAC filters, and ensure bathroom/kitchen fans properly ventilate. Keep relative indoor humidity at or below 50%.

Be diligent about future duct maintenance. Change filters monthly, clean vents seasonally, and have HVAC components serviced to keep your system mold-free. Watch for water leaks or excess moisture buildup.

Take swift action when discovering mold in air ducts before it spreads and poses health risks. With professional cleaning or duct replacement, you can rest easy knowing your air is mold-free and safe to breathe.

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